Powder Coating is widely used in a variety of applications. VIJAY COAT manufactures a wide range of regular and tailor made products to serve various industries. Here products are classified in Chemistry and Applications.


Pure Epoxy Powder is mainly used for high duty applications due to it’s excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and excellent adhesion. Further advantage of Pure Epoxy powder is it has a wide range of curing schedules available.

Generally Pure Epoxy Powder is recommended for interior applications or where aesthetic importance is very low.

VIJAY COAT manufactures FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) powders for special Rebar and Pipe applications. We also manufacture Zinc Chrome Primers for extreme corrosion conditions and other epoxy primers for high duty applications.


  • HVAC- Heaters(Internal), Furnaces, Boiler, Ventilation
  • Oil & Gas- Zinc Rich Primer, Gasoline Pumps, Chemical Pipelines, Valves, Bus bar,
  • Construction- Rebar,
  • Electrical- Bus Bar, Electric Motor Winding & Housings, Electric Junction Box, Transformers, Switch & Gear
  • Automotive- Chassis, Battery Tray, Bumper, Valve Cover, Oil/Air Filters, Radiator, Suspension System, Shock Absorbers, Brake Assemblies


Pure Polyester Powder is mainly used for Architectural Applications due to it’s excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties. Pure Polyester powder is recommended for exterior applications. VIJAY COAT manufactures TGIC grade and TGIC free (for ROHS & European compliance) powders. Generally TGIC free powder has high transfer efficiency. VIJAY COAT also manufactures SUPER DURABLE powders for facades which can sustain 10-15 years.


  • Agricultural Equipments- Tractor, Trailor
  • Construction- Earth Movers, Forklifts, Crains
  • Automotives- Car Handles, Motorcycle Fuel Tank, Windshield Wipers
  • General Metal- Satellite Dishes, Generator, Bicycle Frames, Fire Hydrants, Golf Carts, Playground Equipments


Hybrid systems are widely used in industry as it has hybrid properties of epoxy and polyester. Hybrid systems have excellent over-bake resistance, excellent mechanical properties and good adhesion. Hybrid System products are available in a wide range of colors and gloss.

Generally Epoxy-Polyester Powder is recommended for indoor applications.


  • Agricultural - Grain Storage System, Ploughs
  • Appliances- Washing Machine, Freezer, AC, Dishwasher, Vacuum Cleaner, Microwave, Kitchen Appliances.
  • Architectural- Shutter Louvers, Bathroom Fixtures, Aluminium Extrusions,
  • Automotive- Seat Frame, Mirror brackets. Luggage Assemblies,
  • Electricals- Electrical Cabinet, Electrical Connectors, Computer and Telecommunications, Panel Board
  • General Metal- Wheelchair, Vending Machine, Lawn Mowers, Tool Box, Exercise Equipment, Metal Toys & Wagons
  • Furniture- Almirah, Safety Vaults, Table Frame, Metal Chair, Shoe Racks, Bed Frame.

Super Durable Powder Coating

Super durable powders are specially designed for outdoor durability of more than 5 years. Color deviation and gloss variation is negligible even after more than 5 years.


  • Facades
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Architectural Application


Acrylic Powders have excellent UV stability, Clarity and smoothness. Acrylic Powder coating is a new technology in the powder coating field.

Acrylic Powders can easily pass the AAMA 2604 and 5 year Florida Test.


  • Alloy Wheels
  • Trim Parts
  • High end Farm Equipment
  • Clear Coat for Automotive Bodies


Polyurethane Powder has excellent interior/exterior durability, chemical resistance, mechanical property and adhesion. There is only one major disadvantage is cost.


  • Bases for Wood Finish
  • Street Lights
  • Mail Box
  • Curtain Wall
  • Guard Rails
  • Ornamental Fencing